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Fast construction time with low cost is one of the outstanding advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings compared to conventional housing types. This type is also a new construction trend received by many businesses in Vietnam. So what is pre-engineered steel house? Let's find out all information about this type of house in the content below:

What is pre-engineered steel buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings, or many known as prefabricated houses or similar terms, are a type of house built with a steel frame and installed according to technical architectural drawings. This type of house was built through 03 main stages including: designing, processing components and erecting at the construction.
The components that make up this type include:

Main components: including columns, trusses, braces ...
Auxiliary components: including purlins, wall and wall girder supports… In which purlins can be purlin C or Z.
Roofing sheets and walls: including corrugated iron roof, corrugated wall ...
And other accessories
The construction of pre-engineered steel buildings differs significantly from the construction of conventional houses. However, the design is a seemingly indispensable element. [Nbsp] Building a designed   house will help to optimize feng shui and performance, save costs, build houses at will and many benefits. other. And with this type of prefabricated house, this type of house has certain points. In particular, the construction will be completed before the frame in the factory before being transported to the actual construction. The production stage includes cutting, chiseling, drilling, welding ... At the construction site, the components will be assembled and linked together by bolts. This saves costs and minimizes erection time


Advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings

With the information about what prefabricated house is above, you must have understood a little bit about its advantages. And below, Eco Thang Long would like to list some advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings compared to the current types of traditional houses:

Saving construction costs, saving expenses on materials, construction materials, labor (compared to traditional housing types) ...
Fast construction time. All steel components were manufactured at the factory, and at the construction site construction workers only need to be erected by bolts, screws ... Maneuvering in transport and assembly.
Utilizing the maximum area, space, synchronization in construction. Pre-engineered steel buildings are lighter in weight so they can reduce load well.
High uniformity and industrialization, easy to scale up.
Good bearing capacity, durability and high reliability.
Application of pre-engineered steel buildings in practice

Because of the outstanding advantages of prefabricated houses, this type of house today is applied a lot in life. In particular, there are many families choose prefabricated houses such as houses, home of the family. And below are some main applications of this type in real life:

Used in factories, factories, factories, warehouses, trade centers ...
Can be used for civil housing, business shops or applications in other life areas.
So above are some basic information about what prefabricated houses are and some related information. If you are learning about this type, or are in need of construction, please contact Huy Hoang Steel for free advice!

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