The most beautiful and affordable pre-engineered steel house frame today

With the design of prefabricated steel houses, there are many advantages, overcoming almost all of the disadvantages along with the conditions that reinforced concrete house frame does not have, here are 1 Special advantages of prefabricated steel frame.

Advantages of pre-engineered steel frame.

Pre-engineered steel frame has a special ability, Exceeding a large span, being able to overcome, a maximum span of 90m, For reinforced concrete house frames, it is impossible to do, it is extremely difficult to do. and expensive.

Optimizing large bearing capacity of components, because pre-engineered steel frame is calculated very carefully, according to foreign standards, less force-bearing parts will be calculated for maximum steel reduction, reducing load weight and reduce the price of pre-engineered steel buildings.

The construction time of large model works using very fast pre-engineered steel, can be twice or even 3 times faster, because the components have been calculated and designed only for the transport to work. construction school installation.

Although the pre-engineered steel frame price is a bit expensive, in return, prefabricated steel can save costs due to the fast construction time, reduced auxiliary materials, reduced construction cost, and project management. , along with high durability, leads to a significant reduction in the project budget.

With good and durable bearing capacity, with fast construction time, with the most maximum cost-saving ability, such a pre-engineered steel frame house is the first choice for current projects.

Huy Hoang Steel with a team of experienced engineers and technicians in the field of construction of pre-engineered steel buildings, and has all the most advanced equipment available today, will bring you sustainable buildings and The price is the cheapest commitment on the market.

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