Pre-engineered steel buildings - Choice of Vietnamese buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings are the trend of Vietnamese buildings. If compared to building reinforced concrete houses, prefabricated houses will have even more expensive prices but in return customers will receive a lot of things. Quality is guaranteed, saving at least 1/3, the space is also much more economical. So it can be said that prefabricated houses are the best choice for your project.

Why is pre-engineered steel buildings dominating the market?

1) Diverse applications

Prefabricated buildings can be applied in many projects, in many fields from civil construction to industrial construction. Depending on each project, steel structure will maximize its effectiveness.

2) Save labor costs

Prefabricated houses are constructed and installed quite simply. Just build according to technical drawings without considering many other factors. In addition, materials to build steel buildings also need only steel, nails, and some other auxiliary materials to easily build a safe and beautiful pre-engineered steel house.

3) Short construction time

Unlike other buildings, it takes several months or even several years. But pre-engineered steel buildings, on the other hand, only need a few weeks or even a few days, so as human resources work urgently, it is possible to complete a level 4 pre-engineered steel building.

4) High level of competition

An immutable principle is that, any product that has many competitors in the branch, the product is even lower. Because customers are sensitive about prices when they need to build pre-engineered steel buildings, any business unit with lower price is more attractive to customers.

In addition to saving costs, construction time, level 4 prefabricated houses also have some other advantages such as easy expansion of scale, high uniformity, maximum use space for effective performance. High, light weight compared to other materials reduces the load pressure for the frame of the house ....

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