Pre-engineered steel house in HCMC

Ho Chi Minh City is a developing city so it is attractive for steel house manufacturers because at the time many construction works are being built, many investors have come to HCMC. Therefore, the demand for pre-engineered steel buildings is huge.

All primary and secondary structural components are cut, punched, drilled, welded and formed into the front in the factory before being transported to the site. The quality of home components is always guaranteed because it is fully manufactured at the factory according to standards and strictly tested. At the construction site, prefabricated components at the factory will be linked together by bolts.

- Prefabricated steel buildings can be installed together with various structural accessories such as mezzanine floors, flat floor bridge beams on roofs, overhead walkways and other accessories such as race roofs, roof valances and partitions. Steel house is well waterproof by using vertical roof system, drainage components and roof valances. This is an extremely flexible home system, which allows the French to equip inside to meet all functions and external decorations to satisfy the beautiful architecture. It is for this reason that pre-engineered steel buildings are the ideal type to use as factories, warehouses, galleries, supermarkets .... in HCMC.

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