Construction of 40m2 prefabricated steel house with 263 million is both beautiful and fast

Building prefabricated houses from prefabricated steel frame is still a new construction method in Vietnam. The skepticism about the effectiveness and durability of the construction from steel frames is inevitable when not many families choose this construction method for their home.

If you love the beautiful steel frame houses that are as traditional as the house, then you are also curious about the construction process of these houses. What makes the difference between the two construction methods, helping pre-engineered steel houses save costs and time more than traditional methods? Why does modern methods help minimize environmental impact? The construction process of a steel frame house below will not only answer these frequently asked questions but also bring you a compact, ground-saving house design, cost-saving, suitable for families with income. low entry.

The project was built in Thailand at a cost of 380,000 Baht equivalent to 263 million VND.

Prepare the frame

Like traditional houses, prefabricated steel frame houses need a foundation layer and a solid frame. Typically, the process of excavating the foundation and designing tie beams is similar to the construction of traditional houses. Parallel to that, the steel frame system designed and manufactured at the workshop helps shorten construction time. After that, this frame system will be transported to the construction site and re-assembled as well as adapted to actual conditions. This process can take several days, depending on the size of the building.

After the frame is installed firmly, the construction process will be transferred to the floor, roof and wall construction. Normally, economically budget families often choose to use corrugated iron roofing and use cement floor sheets. From here, the shape of the house is gradually improved. For small houses, the total construction time may only be encapsulated in 1 week. [Nbsp]

The house has a simple and economical finishing style. Walls use simple white paint with furniture with similar tones. The floor is covered with neutral colored tiles. With low-cost buildings, minimalistic and white furniture models are the simplest choice to help your home brighter but still bring modern beauty. The house also takes advantage of its open sides to install windows so that the indoor space is not too large but always fully illuminated.

After finishing the frame of the house, the construction team will conduct more details such as decoration of the facade, installation of equipment to ensure performance when used. Don't forget to design electric lines and water pipes for each family's needs.

The facade of the house was quickly changed thanks to the industrial wood paneling and decorative wooden columns. The window frames are also gradually improved.

The walls are gradually being completed on a steel frame to help the house with no difference from the traditionally constructed houses. Steel frame system is also proven to have long life, good durability. Lighter steel frame structure than reinforced concrete also helps the house become safer in case of earthquake or wall pouring.

To improve it, you can design a small garden yard in front of your house. These are all inexpensive solutions but bring great efficiency, helping raise the level of affordable houses.

It can be seen that, with the construction of pre-engineered steel frame, you not only save construction time but also construction costs which are increasingly more expensive. With a design suitable for the needs of use, you do not need to have several hundred m2 villas and still have a dream home for a small family. Discover 10 more affordable and economical steel frame houses.

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